Pilates for children

This was exciting feedback to receive this week. Could Pilates help other children with similar conditions?  :-

“My grandson, now 10 and a half, suffers from Aspergers Syndrome which has caused him to walk on his toes, which in turn has lead to all sorts of difficulties with running and other physical activities.

About 6 months ago he started one-one Pilates lessons with Dawn and we have all been astonished, and thrilled, with his sudden progress. He enjoys these sessions very much and as well as noticeably walking more upright and correctly, his balance and core strength have improved tremendously. He enjoys the breathing exercises and finds that these can help him when he is trying to get to sleep or to control a ‘melt down’.

These improvements have been noted by the cranial osteopath who he has been visiting for two years. She is delighted and has said that it is becoming easier to treat him.” (Anonymity protected)