George’s words….

“Since meeting Dawn and starting Pilates lessons on a private basis, I have improved, balance, posture and my body flexibility.

Overall I am fitter and my problem areas of back, kneck and knees are just much  more flexible and with less pain..

Before Pilates. I struggled, because of a stiff neck,  to look far to the left or right, which was quite a problem at road junctions when driving – its no problem now. And to get up out of bed I needed to pull myself up on a radiator – again now  no problems.

Am pleased that Dawn treats me on a unique basis, treating my problem areas specifically and not in a general exercise regime, which is the problem with many standard online products. This also applies to training videos she produces on an individual person basis.

Unfortunately lessons had to stop during the Covid lockdowns, but I am delighted that we have now started  again.

So I can highly recommend Dawn and Pilates with her.”

George Spragg”

(shared with permission)


Final week for FREE taster sessions!

Throughout March, women in midlife have been taking the opportunity to join me for free half hour training taster sessions , based at Grange Park in Leominster. I’ve enjoyed meeting such a diverse range of ladies, all keen to take control of their health and fitness and I look forward to supporting some of you in the weeks and months to come with exercise programmes specifically aimed at our age group.

For anyone still wondering whether it’s for you….I’m offering one more week of taster sessions , after which you’ll need to join my paying clients if you choose to start a training programme with me. To book your slot, please email

With guidelines changing from next week, I’ll also be offering one to one pilates sessions outdoors. These can take place either in your garden, or again at Grange Park (in a quiet spot!). You’ll need to bring your own mat.

I Look forward to moving outdoors with you throughout the spring and summer months , as we emerge into our new realities.

Best Wishes


We’re outdoors !

Hi Folks

Just to let you know we are training outdoors at the lovely Grange, in Leominster. Restrictions allow me to offer 0ne to one outdoor sessions in a public space and they are proving to be good fun!

We use steps, rails, benches and walls as our outdoor gym, perfect for a good strength and cardio workout. All in natural surroundings, of trees , emerging bulbs and birdsong….it’s a tonic for mental wellness too.

So if you’re tired of exercising in front of a screen, or maybe your current workouts aren’t giving you the results you want, I shall be At The Grange most weekday mornings throughout spring.

Here’s what Jan had to say after her first session:

“Thank you so much for this morning. You’ve shown me that I’m more capable of things than I realised. It boosted my confidence and made me feel that I can get fitter and have fun doing it!”

Adding a splash of colour!

Hi folks,

I hope you and your families are safe and well.

These are trying times for us all , for differing reasons, so I wanted to share some splashes of colour with you, which are making a difference to my health and sense of wellbeing.

Gloomy January days , even without a pandemic, can challenge the hardiest of we ‘perennials ‘ , so I’ve been adding colour into my day and seeking it out wherever possible.

For the first time ever, I potted up my geraniums at the end of last summer and brought them into the house, where they’ve just kept flowering …what a treat! I’m sure they’ll run out of steam soon, but I’m appreciating their colourful presence for now.

Adding a flowering pot plant or treating yourself to a bunch of flowers is one way of keeping your spirits lifted and has been proven to increase feel good hormones. (I talk to mine but that may just be madness creeping in from too much alone time! )

Are you getting your daily walk in? I go out walking every morning and just recently have been setting off with the intention of catching sunrise (about 7.30). Starting the day witnessing natures amazing colours , can be such a boost to our mood and energy levels, and a reminder that the sun will always rise ( isn’t that a line from The Lion King)?

Being exposed to daylight first thing also has the added benefit of increasing melatonin levels (our sleep hormone), so if sleep’s an issue for you, another reason for getting out at first light….win win!

(On a personal level, it’s giving me a deeper appreciation of my name, thanks Mum and Dad 💕)

I’m noticing my laundry basket is full of more pinks and oranges than usual too (no I didn’t leave a red sock in with the whites this time 😂!) . Wearing something bright and colourful is another simple way to help ourselves feel better (and those who get to see us), so why not jazz it up a bit…bright clothes = bright mood.

And for anyone else missing peoples smiles hidden under masks, this smile is for you.

And finally , here are two links to short workout videos, which can be put together with others which you should already have, to help keep you resilient and strong and ready to handle whatever comes next.

Wishing you colour in your January.


Personal Training Sessions

Hi Folks

Good to be back on the mats with my classes again!

Online classes are invaluable but for me the magic lies in being in the same physical space….seeing those facial expressions, hearing the heavy breathing and sharing laughs! We’re into our fourth week of Pilates PLUS classes and I’m already seeing improvements….people going lower in their lunges, deeper in their squats, progressing their planks and choosing heavier weights. Good stuff. Weeks 5 and 6 will challenge you even further!

Leominster Community Centre is providing us with a safe well ventilated space to exercise . We all have our own equipment, and plenty of space to spread out. I think it’s fair to say there’s less risk coming to a class than going shopping or eating out.

Just as important, we are getting to reap the many benefits of group exercise…support, motivation, encouragement and socialising. After months of strong messages keeping us separate, classes are helping us reconnect through movement which has huge benefits for our mental health. Any benefits to our mental health inevitably boosts our immune systems and we all need that right now as we head into winter .

The two classes I’m running are both full, but more classes may start up in the new year so do register your interest if you are thinking of returning to Pilates with me or joining for the first time. I’d love to see you on the mat.

Meanwhile I’ve had requests for private sessions, and so every Thursday morning in October I shall be available for personal training sessions. These will be based at Leominster Community Centre .

Time slots are : 9.30- 10.30, 11-12am, 12.30 – 1.30pm . October 8th is booked up but subsequent weeks have availability so get in touch if I can help you with your health and fitness goals, whether that’s getting more toned, losing lockdown weight, improving your bone density or just moving more freely with less aches and pains!

The studying I did during the summer in women’s health has given me so many tools and science based knowledge, to help improve the wellbeing of women going through midlife, from sleep improvement, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and hormone balancing. Again if this is something you might find helpful, book yourself a slot and come join me one Thursday or give me a ring for more details on 01568 615239.

Wishing you a colourful Autumn.


Pilates Teacher/ Exercise Referral Coach/ Women’s Wellbeing Guide

Class bookings

Hi Folks

Everyone who has registered interest for joining next weeks classes, should now have received an email from me with booking options and conditions. If you haven’t, please get in touch. There seems to be a problem receiving some messages…I think it’s when you reply from a website posting. So if you send a separate email I can help you get booked in asap.

See you back on the mats!



Hi Folks

With classes due to restart in a couple of weeks, I’ve been planning our new programme, including some changes to give you an even fuller body conditioning workout!

We’ll be adding some low impact, cardio vascular work into our warm up, to raise heart rate and increase blood flow. Plus, standing strength work using hand weights, to increase muscle mass and bone density in the upper body. (We have peak bone density in our 20s , so it’s use it or lose it!) I’ll be supplying the 1kg hand weights, which you get to keep and bring with you each week, so you can practice at home if the mood takes you.

Of course those familiar core pilates moves will be included and the session rounded off with cool down stretches and mindful breathing, to help relax our over taxed nervous systems!

Over the 6 week block we’ll be steadily progressing the intensity, so by week 6 you get to measure your progress and feel the difference.

The Leominster Community Centre is putting all the necessary measures in place to make it Covid safe and I’ve completed my risk assessment to do the same. I would usually teach up to 16 in the hall, but to allow us plenty of space, numbers will be limited to just 10. Firedoors will be opened to give plenty of ventilation and will probably be used as the exit if that provides a safer route out.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the mats with you..and yes, feeling a little anxious too if I’m honest after such a long gap in strange circumstances. So if the time feels right for you, let’s POWER UP together and get ourselves in the best shape ready for winter!


Ready when you are…


Hi Folks

So which pear are you?! Lol I think I’m somewhere between the two!

So, it’s been 5 months since we last got together on our mats… Like many of you  I’ve been staying active doing some home pilates practice,  along with extra cycling and walking (I shall always remember cycling down the ,usually, busy A49 with hardly a vehicle on the road…surreal!). 

Gardening has also kept many of us active (and sane) and for me has provided an alternative source of income. I have 5 regular clients who  have allowed me to get creative in their outdoor spaces , designing borders , resurrecting my old topiary skills, and planting up new beds. I plan to continue with my gardening work until the end of this season.

BUT,  there is nothing quite like exercising as a group is there!  And SO I’m happy to announce the return of  2 classes starting in September.

Both classes will be at Leominster Community Centre on Tuesdays and Fridays 10-11am, starting on Sept 8th and 11th respectively.

As  mentioned in a previous email,  some changes have been introduced to adapt to the current environment and to keep us safe, which include:-

#Reduced class sizes with min of 2m between mats.

# Everyone to have their own mat and equipment (I still have some stock for sale if you need any.)

#A track and trace system will be in place at the Community Centre.

# I shall be teaching from my mat, no wandering around and no touching! (that’s going to be tricky, you know how I like to get hands on and give you a tweak now and then!)

# an advanced booking system will avoid gathering to sign in at the start of class. Classes are booked in 6 week blocks.

If you’d like to book yourself a space and join me , please get in touch and I’ll send you more details along with payment options to secure your place.

If you’re not quite ready to join a group yet, or unable to make these times, maybe a one to one session would suit you better? If I can help you get back on track, just ask.

Best Wishes


Getting prepared..

IMG_20200715_122534Hi Folks

All being well, I’ll be offering at least 2 pilates classes to start from September, probably in Leominster.

You’ll need your own mats and small equipment to minimize health risks and in accordance with Government guidelines.

If you want to get prepared and maybe get some practice in, you can purchase this trio of resistance band, medium strength loop and small ball from me for £10 (plus £2.50 if posting).

I’ve got 10 sets so get in touch if you want to bag yours.  Payment by bacs /cheque/cash.

Look forward to moving together again soon.