Back Health workshop

Feed back  received from those who  attended the last back health workshop:

“For the first time in a long while I woke up the next day without a stiff lower back”.

” My sciatic symptoms ceased after doing the 20 minute daily  exercise routine”

“Interesting and informative”

Next workshop is at Pembridge Village Hall , Sat 28th April 10.30-11.30. Cost £20.

Can you afford to miss it?!

Book your place by emailing or phone 01568 615239

First Back Health Workshop..


In this mornings back health workshop at Pembridge Village Hall, we combined theory with practical to learn :-

* How to assess whether the pelvis is likely to be rotated or tilted.

* Exercises to improve pelvic alignment and function based on intrinsic biomechanics techniques.

* Pilates based moves to improve spinal mobility.

Most of the 10 participants identified muscle imbalances around the pelvis and lower back. We then went through a sequence of correction exercises to improve pelvic alignment, followed by spinal mobility moves .

Everyone was given a file of the exercises , which should take about 20 minutes a day to do. I’m going to check in with participants  in 7 days time to get  valued feedback on any changes they’ve noticed.

If you’d like to be included in the next workshop, get in touch to book your place and take control of your own back health!

How’s your back after all that snow shovelling?

  • Is your back aching after too much snow shovelling?

  • Want to learn exercise techniques to help keep your spine mobile and reduce risk of injury and discomfort?

  • Do you find it difficult to commit to regular Pilates classes or maybe they’re just not for you?

Then join me at Pembridge Village Hall on Saturday March 24th , 10.30 – 11.30am, where I’ll be teaching a combination of Pilates and Biomechanic based techniques to improve spine function.

Places are limited so book now and make a commitment to your own back health today! Tel Dawn 01568 615239 or email

Nigel’s honest account of his changed perceptions of Pilates …

” I am  69 years of age and male. Many years ago I suffered permanent nerve damage to my legs and feet with restricted mobility and near total loss of sensation below the knee. As my options for exercise are limited, many keep fit and gym routines are out of the question. Pilates was something I had considered doing, but because I knew little about it, and viewed it as something only women did, I always held back.

When my wife started going to Dawn’s classes , I took more of an interest and asked a few questions, but it was another year  before I finally decided to see for myself. Two other men were there, which surprised me, and made me feel less self conscious. But I needn’t have worried because everyone is so friendly and more concerned with their own reasons for being there. I was also interested to discover that, with a bit of effort, I could cope with most of the routines.

I still had some doubt for a few weeks that Pilates was right for me but with firm and friendly guidance from Dawn, realised I was soon enjoying and looking forward to weekly sessions – one of the highlights of my week in fact!” Nigel

Thank you Nigel for honestly sharing your experience and for sticking with Pilates long enough to feel its benefits. Dawn

Slide Presentations and talks

To hear the life story of this remarkable man I’ll be giving talks and slide show presentations, over the next few months . Find out what inspired him? And how bed springs helped hundreds of internees avoid the flu epidemics in a POW camp!

Knighton Village Hall (WI) – March 7th

Pembridge Village Hall (WI) – Mar 14th 7.30pm

Leominster Quilters , Monkland Village Hall – April 4th 7.30pm

Kinnerton WI – June 6th,  8pm

New Workshop date!

NEW Back health Workshop: Saturday March 24th 2018,  10.30 – 11.30am at Pembridge Village Hall, Herefordshire.

Combining Pilates and Intrinsic Biomechanics techniques in this one hour BACK HEALTH workshop, suitable for anyone interested in improving their spines mobility and maintaining a healthy back.

Cost £20, includes a folder of the exercises taught.

Contact me to book your place. Tel 01568 615239 Or email

New courses and workshops

The 4 week beginners course starting on the 7th Feb is now Fully Booked.

New Back Care Workshops are planned for Saturday mornings –  Dates to be released soon, so follow  my website’s ‘latest news’ or connect on facebook to keep updated!

New Beginners Class starting…

I’m offering a 4 week Pilates course starting Wednesday  7th February at Leominster Methodist Church in Green Lane from 5.30-6.30pm. It’s ideal for anyone who  wants to learn (or be reminded of), the basics of pilates in a relaxed atmosphere with an experienced teacher. Cost is £35  which includes:

  • 4 x 1 hour classes
  • Free exercise sheet
  • On going advice & support
  • The opportunity to continue with Pilates after the course.
  • Discount on one to one private sessions.

Places will be limited so book soon to avoid disappointment! Contact me on 01568 615239 or email