Online Courses

Next course starts Jan 7th 2022

I offer a 4 week beginners course online, ideal if you are new to pilates or need a refresher .

The course includes 4 weekly pre recorded videos , sent out via email., which cover all the fundamentals of pilates.

You can choose the times that suit you to practice – 2 or 3 times a week is ideal.

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group, solely for people on your course. This is a place to share your progress, find out how others are getting on and to ask questions. I’ll be posting all kinds of useful information to make your pilates journey interesting and enjoyable.

This course is suitable for anyone able to get up and down from a mat and will contain alternative moves to accommodate joint conditions such as osteoarthritis. If you have a medical condition which makes you unsure about exercising, please let me know so I can advise.

The cost of the course is £49, payable by bacs. Confirmation will be sent, along with your invite to the fb group, on receipt of payment


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