Women’s Health Coaching

Menopause Fitness

  • For women who are peri to post menopause (on average ages 40-60), a different fitness programme is needed which takes into account fluctuating hormone levels and lifestyle factors.
  • The old ways of exercising, from when we were in our 20s and 30s, no longer work. Reducing calories and exercising more, no longer produces the desired results during the menopause years.
  • During an initial consultation, we’ll take an holistic view of your hormone status and create a bespoke plan based on your body, because every woman is different.
  • Your midlife fitness plan will include all elements of health, from sleep, nutrition and stress levels, to exercise and mindset.
  • An initial 1.5 hour consultation and bespoke fitness plan costs £65.

Hysterectomy Support

Pre and post surgery recovery programmes, includes:-

  • How to prepare for surgery
  • What to take to hospital.
  • optimal nutrition for healing.
  • Exercises to restore pelvic health and core function.
  • Practical considerations post surgery – how to modify at home.
  • Support and after care.
  • Essential gadgets/tools and other tips you don’t get told!

The contents of the programme are in pdf and video format which, once purchased, can be saved and referred back to anytime.

Cost of Hysterectomy support programme £75.

Follow up face to face sessions £50 for one hour .

I look forward to supporting you on your journey through midlife.


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