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Menopause Fitness

  • For women who are peri to post menopause (on average ages 40-60), a different fitness programme is needed which takes into account fluctuating hormone levels and lifestyle factors.

  • When I reached my late 40s I had to change the way I exercised to allow for the symptoms of menopause I was experiencing . It led me to study in Women’s fitness in midlife and to the creation of this programme.
  • The old ways of exercising, from when we were in our 20s and 30s, no longer give the same results . Reducing calories and exercising more, often just adds additional stress at a time of life when there’s already plenty to deal with in our lives! We need a smarter way to exercise in sync with our bodies.
  • During an initial consultation, I’ll gather all the information needed to create a bespoke 8 week plan based on your body, your goals, fitness levels, health conditions, time restraints and budget.
  • Your midlife fitness plan will include all elements of health, from exercise and nutrition to sleep quality and mindset. You’ll record your achievements in a daily personal journal to help stay accountable and on track.
  • You receive exercise videos at different stages during the 8 week programme , which are convenient to do at home and are relevant to your fitness level. Have you got joint aches and pains? No problem I have a set of low impact exercise videos especially for you!

  • Each week I check in with you to offer motivation, to help with any obstacles that may arise and to make sure you keep progressing .
  • At week 4 we have a half way ‘check in’ session, to check your progress and tweak the second half of the programme if necessary.
  • At week 8 we have a final session to evaluate the success of the programme against your original goals and to future plan to ensure your healthy changes are sustained going forward.
  • An initial consultation and bespoke fitness plan lasts 1.5 hours and costs £75. Follow up sessions cost £45.

To get started on your programme and to book the first session , send an email to dawnarkell1967@gmail.com and I’ll get the ball rolling by sending out your Midlife health questionnaire for completion.

I’m excited to support you on your midlife transformation.🦋

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