Pilates Personal Coaching for individuals and pairs.

Hi, I’m Dawn.

I teach private Pilates sessions to individuals and couples from my home in Leominster, with specific focus on :

Back pain management

Remedial Exercise

Balance and falls prevention

Pilates for complete beginners

Would you like to learn Pilates in a relaxed environment, at your own pace?

Do you prefer the individual attention you get from one to one coaching as opposed to a general class workout?

Would you like to choose the days/ times of your sessions to fit in around your schedule and commitments?

I work with people who value all of the above and who are looking for a personalized pilates coaching experience.

My pilates journey started in 2010 when I joined my first class at Leominster Community Centre as a nervous beginner recovering from a spinal injury. The results on both my physical and mental health at the time, were so significant that, a year on , I swapped my work as a landscape gardener, to train to teach this effective form of exercise.

I’ve been sharing Pilates with men and women of all ages and abilities, for the last 12 years and witnessed the positive influence it has had on people’s lives.

Whether you’re recovering from injury or just wanting to maintain healthy movement, Pilates can be instrumental . I’d love to show you how.

Private Sessions

If you are new to Pilates or have been advised to start Pilates by a medical professional as part of your rehabilitation following injury or illness, then private sessions are your best option. It’s also a great choice if you are a beginner and want to prepare for joining a class in the future . If you have some pilates experience and just need a revision course, I can help with that too.

Pilates movements are slow and controlled, co-ordinated with breathing and are designed to restore muscle imbalances and improve posture. Because it is low impact , it’s ideal for anyone with joint issues or health conditions. Pilates can be performed seated , standing or on the mat and a range of small equipment can be included in any workout for additional challenge.

The hourly sessions are held in a relaxed, comfortable space in my home in Leominster, where mats and equipment are provided. We work at a level and pace that’s right for you , there’s no pressure to keep up with a class and plenty of opportunities to ask questions .

I offer on-going support and motivation, to help progress you on your Pilates journey including personalised videos and exercise sheets, so you can practise at home if you choose.

To arrange your first session, either email me at dawnarkell1967@gmail.com or give me a call on 07555 505316

I look forward to supporting you with your health and fitness goals.


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