kingsland6“Discovering pilates has been a revelation to me. It has improved my posture, core strength and general body image, awareness and appreciation. Thank you Dawn!” (J.L)

Dawn’s pilates class has revolutionised how I now approach lots of things I never considered before ie breathing, walking, standing , bending. With her help I have found muscles which I never knew I had and now thoroughly enjoy trying to keep them ‘fit for purpose’. She is a generous teacher and my week is incomplete if I haven’t  strengthened my core under her patient and observant gaze” (F.W.)


“I started Dawn’s pilates classes about 2 years ago. I had been experiencing numbness in my right arm due to a stiff neck and a friend suggested pilates might help. Through Dawn’s understanding, care and thoughtful teaching, the pilates exercises have enabled me to become stronger, fitter and more flexible. I no longer have stiffness or numbness and I continue to attend her classes as well as following a short daily programme of exercises at home. Pilates is great fun as well as challenging. I would definitley recommend it!” (Maureen Weston)


After surgery for 2 hip replacements, with just 8 weeks between them, my progress was incredibly slow. I was extremely stiff, couldn’t get down to the floor or up again without holding on to support and even that was difficult. Back problems added to my discomfort and painkillers became just routine.  A Physiotherapist suggested pilates might help and I started going to Dawn’s class. The benefits from the exercises, such as, improvement in my mobility, much stronger muscles, improved core strength and greater confidence, were quite dramatic. I then had a one-one session with Dawn where she worked with me for a full hour and gave me a tailor-made set of exercises, which I usually do 5 times a week. They really do make such a difference and help to get me moving in the morning and keep me mobile and more supple.  I have been attending Dawn’s classes for over a year and really look forward to them each week. We work hard but in a very pleasant, relaxed way, always within each person’s capabilities. Dawn is an excellent teacher who understands individual needs and abilities. Her sessions are varied, very enjoyable and so beneficial”.  (K.F)  

“I very much enjoy Dawn’s pilates classes. Although I find them very testing, I think they are excellent for staying supple and I always come away feeling happy.”  (J.K)


” I started suffering with back problems and sciatica 10 years ago after a fall during pregnancy. I have tried various treatments over the years with little success and resigned myself to having to live with it. During the last couple of years it started to get worse and following some sessions with a chiropractor, I was referred to pilates by my doctor. Following an initial course at Hereford hospital, I started regular classes locally with Dawn. I have now been practising pilates for 12 months and it has really changed things for me. I no longer need to take pain killers every day and my back is getting stronger. Dawn always gives an alternative if there is an exercise you are struggling with. She walks around the class correcting and helping where needed. If you don’t understand a move, all you need to do is ask. Thank you for all your help Dawn and long may it continue.” (Patricia Tighe)


“Dawn’s pilates class is just wonderful. It is non threatening but challenges you to a level that makes you feel good. It has improved my ability to move and carry out everyday tasks enormously (such as getting up from the ground, washing my feet in the shower and putting on shoes and socks). I feel more confident and stronger and I stand straighter. It is also really enjoyable and the other class members are very friendly.” (P.P. aged 67)

“After Suffering low back pain for many years, which required frequent visits to a chiropractor, my wife suggested I join her at Dawn’s pilates lessons. I was more than a little sceptical at first but I have to admit now, that it has worked for me. My back still reminds me when I have done too much but at least I can now undertake gardening or DIY without the dread of waking up the following day immobilised and with the prospect of days (or sometimes weeks!) in agony and unable  to even bend down. I would definitely recommend pilates as a way of strengthening the muscles and keeping joints lubricated and supple”. (P.C.)

“I started Pilates with Dawn because of a chronic lower back problem. Within a very short time and with Dawns excellent instruction, I found huge improvements for my back and a general overall improvement in both physical and mental wellbeing. I can’t recommend Dawns classes highly enough to anyone seeking a drug free solution to back or other types of joint pain. Thank you Dawn ” (H.B.)  



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