Pilates in herefordshire this week with Dawn Arkell

happyfriday This week my Weobley and Kingsland classes sacrificed their weekly pilates workout for another bank holiday…sorry folks… at least that is the last one now until Christmas. For my other classes there were plenty of stretches and hip opening exercises in this weeks sessions…and plenty of groans so I’m guessing some tight muscles were found!

Next week is the last week before I take my Cornish break ( surf board at the ready). So notes for the diaries- no classes between Mon14th and Fri 25th Sept incl.   Presuming my limbs are still in tact, we start again on Mon 28th Sept!

As from Wednesday October 7th a new class for beginners will be starting at Eardisland Village Hall 11.30-12.30, suitable for all ages and abilities. I have 8 booked in already, so 4 spaces left for anyone interested.

Have a good weekend folks.  A couple of events which some of my class members are involved in are : Eardisland Village Show and Leominster Food Festival, both this Saturday. Good luck with them and hope the weather is kind. Might see some of you there.


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