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Getting prepared..

IMG_20200715_122534Hi Folks

All being well, I’ll be offering at least 2 pilates classes to start from September, probably in Leominster.

You’ll need your own mats and small equipment to minimize health risks and in accordance with Government guidelines.

If you want to get prepared and maybe get some practice in, you can purchase this trio of resistance band, medium strength loop and small ball from me for £10 (plus £2.50 if posting).

I’ve got 10 sets so get in touch if you want to bag yours.  Payment by bacs /cheque/cash.

Look forward to moving together again soon.



ALL Classes cancelled

All classes and one to one sessions are postponed due to the pandemic. Join me on facebook for routines to practise at home. Press the follow button to be the first to know of any changes in future weeks.

Keep calm and carry on!


Gaynor’s feedback

“I recently started Pilates with Dawn after my accident. She recommended a one to one to start with, as I had never been to Pilates before, which was very helpful before starting classes.”

“Dawn is very informative,and makes classes easy to understand. I feel my body is starting to become more supple and in less pain..I certainly notice a difference if I miss a class! I can’t thank Dawn enough as I find Pilates so beneficial.”



On the ball!

quilters 012


This week we’ve been using the small pilates balls in classes to add

  • balance & coordination challenge
  • improve spine mobility and segmental control
  • to encourage lateral breathing.
  • To aid focus and precision

Some of the moves can be downloaded here:

small ball routine


Joan’s journey…..

“Over the past 4 years I have had 2 hip replacements where Dawn has given me much encouragement for a full recovery. She adapted some of the exercises to my specific needs at the time. Both pre and post operative, I’ve had to use a chair to enable me to reach the floor which has been frustrating. However Dawn gave me a beneficial  one to one session followed up later by class situations. The once temporary inconvenience, has now resorted in full mobility! Thanks Dawn.” (JT)