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Joan’s journey…..

“Over the past 4 years I have had 2 hip replacements where Dawn has given me much encouragement for a full recovery. She adapted some of the exercises to my specific needs at the time. Both pre and post operative, I’ve had to use a chair to enable me to reach the floor which has been frustrating. However Dawn gave me a beneficial  one to one session followed up later by class situations. The once temporary inconvenience, has now resorted in full mobility! Thanks Dawn.” (JT)


One of the 6 principles of Pilates – CONCENTRATION ( the others being Alignment, Breathing, Centring, Flow and Precision) –  was definitely tested in my classes this morning at Eardisland Village Hall  –  The toilets were being refurbished so we exercised to a back ground of drilling, sawing and whistling workmen! :0 It was a test to stay focused for all of us and block out external distractions!

Concentration is my favourite Pilates principle at the moment because it gets us  ‘IN THE MOMENT’. When we move with our breathing it’s hard to think of anything else……that mental chatter that most of us experience to some degree every day ceases to be in control. For 1 hour we can forget that to do list, and focus on our bodies. For 1 hour we can stop trying to work stuff out, and go with the flow. For 1 hour it doesn’t matter how you’re doing compared with your neighbour!! Pilates isn’t competitive, it doesn’t care! And the great thing is, it teaches us with practice, and if we allow it, to extend that mental state into every day life, then life flows as we MOVE BETTER,  FEEL BETTER….

Have a peace filled weekend folks x


It’s a balancing act!

  • A week of lots of standing balance work with all my classes. For those who realised they were wobblier than they thought!!…..this exercise sheet will be available next week if you want to practice at home.(thanks Pat for demo-ing).Well done folks. Have a balanced weekend 🙂img_20170120_171012

New Year strength challenge

The end of January marks the end of the New Year Strength challenge we’ve been practicing in classes. It’s been great to see people progressing the 6 moves over the last few weeks. Techniques in the plank and push ups definitely improved in every class! Well done folks.

magic ringComing soon..pilates with the Magic Circle.

New Year Challenge

We’ve been focusing on 6 strength moves in classes this week,  which we’ll be practicing in each week for the rest of January to see how much we improve!  The challenge, should you choose to accept it! is downloadable here new-year-challenge    Join us for a more toned body and stronger core.knee-push-up-b-ex


Another pilates class starts at Eardisland this week

A fourth pilates class started on Wednesday at Eardisland Village Hall this week, attracting 12 people, all from outside of the village – for some it was their first visit to the  hall.  Most people were new to pilates, so we started with the basics of breathing and core engagement.  Lots of positive feedback at the end of the session and everyone’s booked in for future weeks,  which is always encouraging! I look forward to working with everyone over the coming weeks.

more rolling this week…

A second week with the foam rollers and I’ve received some very positive feedback from people who have felt the benefits of using them. Although they can be uncomfortable to lie on, it seems it’s worth it for most!  People reported feeling taller, more open across the chest and more mobile around shoulders. I had 20 requests to order some , so good to know people want to practice at home. They arrived this week and I’ll be bringing them to classes next week for those who ordered one. There is a 10 minute roller routine which you can download here, which has 6 of the exercises we have done in class over the last fortnight Foam Roller 10 Minute routine