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New Year Challenge

We’ve been focusing on 6 strength moves in classes this week,  which we’ll be practicing in each week for the rest of January to see how much we improve!  The challenge, should you choose to accept it! is downloadable here new-year-challenge    Join us for a more toned body and stronger core.knee-push-up-b-ex


Mobile Notice board does the rounds

noticeboard So many of my class members are involved in interesting projects and events that I thought it would be nice to share them…so this noticeboard will be coming with me to all 5 venues I teach at, between now and Christmas. It’s only its second week on tour but is already proving popular!

Another pilates class starts at Eardisland this week

A fourth pilates class started on Wednesday at Eardisland Village Hall this week, attracting 12 people, all from outside of the village – for some it was their first visit to the  hall.  Most people were new to pilates, so we started with the basics of breathing and core engagement.  Lots of positive feedback at the end of the session and everyone’s booked in for future weeks,  which is always encouraging! I look forward to working with everyone over the coming weeks.