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ALL Classes cancelled

Due to the fear pandemic , all classes have had to be cancelled as people have been advised by the government to limit social interaction.

Back Health Workshop


The next back health workshop will be Sat Jan 25th at Leominster Community Centre 10 – 11.15am. 

Places limited to 10. Contact Dawn to book your space , or. Tel 01568 615239

Gaynor’s feedback

“I recently started Pilates with Dawn after my accident. She recommended a one to one to start with, as I had never been to Pilates before, which was very helpful before starting classes.”

“Dawn is very informative,and makes classes easy to understand. I feel my body is starting to become more supple and in less pain..I certainly notice a difference if I miss a class! I can’t thank Dawn enough as I find Pilates so beneficial.”



On the ball!

quilters 012


This week we’ve been using the small pilates balls in classes to add

  • balance & coordination challenge
  • improve spine mobility and segmental control
  • to encourage lateral breathing.
  • To aid focus and precision

Some of the moves can be downloaded here:

small ball routine