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Tell me what you think……

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Feed back forms for my class members, available at classes next week .   Let me know your thoughts, ideas, concerns and suggestions so I can make sure you get the best from your pilates experience.  No need to add your name,  just put in the box next week at class.

Pilates in Herefordshire this week..

therabandimageWe used the Therabands in my mixed level pilates classes this week, focusing on upper body strength and shoulder stabiising.

My Kington class for gardeners had fun with the foam rollers and from the feedback I received afterwards,  felt the postural benefits of using this great piece of equipment. Next week is our last class at Hergest Croft for this year (and my birthday!), so coffee and cake afterwards for all who can make it. The gardens at Hergest are looking stunning with the autumn colours, well worth a visit before it closes for the winter next Sunday (2nd Nov). (www.hergest.co.uk)hergesttrees

My 2 new beginners classes in Leominster are making good progress and starting to master the pilates technique. Both classes are full at present.

Good to get back to classes again this week, after the break and to catch up with everyone. It’s been a full week with 2 new beginners classes starting in Leominster, both full. My Kington class for gardeners continued at Hergest Croft where we used pilates poles to practice safe digging and lifting techniques, ready for those autumn jobs in the garden. It was Maureens last class as she moves to Abingdon for new adventures and to carry on with her pilates,  I’m glad to hear. Very best of luck Maureen, it’s been a pleasure now show your new instructor what you can do!   Eardisland class today was missing Pete who’s recovering in hospital, get well soon Pete and best wishes to you and Ann.


Pilates for gardeners in Kington, Herefordshire

Week 12 of pilates for gardeners and as it was the last one for a few weeks, weold_man_gardening_0521-1103-1318-0653_SMU learned a 10 minute routine which can be practised at home ( download here 10-minute-routine ) It makes a good warm up before starting those gardening jobs or for stretching out those aching muscles after the works done! 

Great news, there is enough interest to continue the classes for another 6 weeks, starting Thurs Sept 25th. As we approach Autumn there are usually plenty of jobs to do  in the gardens, so pilates will help keep spines flexible and cores strong to avoid injuries!   Thanks to Jill for organising the classes at Hergest Croft, and for being happy to continue for another term.

Safe and happy gardening all…..