One of my favourite things…

One of the best things about personal Coaching is hearing feedback from my clients about how improved fitness levels are impacting their quality of life. Whether it’s going on longer walks, taking up new activities , gardening without back ache, simply being able to put socks on with ease, or booking adventure holidays with confidence, MOVING well inevitably leads to LIVING well.

This mornings client, has been up to all kinds of activities and adventures, and for the first time in some years, pain free. She likes to do most of her exercise practising at home and checks in for a ‘top up’ pilates session with me every 4 weeks. We go over her work out, so she can be confident with her technique, adding progressions to the exercises which will challenge her for the next 4 weeks until we meet again. Each session gets followed up with a personalized video and summary of what we covered in the session.

This is a great option for anyone who wants to do most of their Pilates practise at home whilst still retaining the benefits of one to one training to keep on track. If you’re on a fitness budget, it’s also a great option especially if you take advantage of my 4 week block booking rate.

For more information send me an email, or phone 07555 505316.

I look forward to supporting you on your pilates journey towards a fitter you.


Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

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