Personal pilates coaching for women in midlife.

If you’re a woman in midlife lacking energy and motivation for strenuous exercise, but wanting to ‘get moving again’, then Pilates is a great stepping stone. If you’re looking for a mindful movement experience to help with anxiety or stress and to help balance hormones during menopause , then Pilates can be restorative . IContinue reading “Personal pilates coaching for women in midlife.”

Dust down those Stability balls ready for action…

The stability ball is a great piece of equipment to use in pilates. They challenge our bodies in a different way and are good fun too!  I’m hoping we can use them in my mixed level classes at the end of August . It will be possible if most people have their own balls to bringContinue reading “Dust down those Stability balls ready for action…”

Routine-how to fit pilates into our busy lives

This week we’re focusing on the last of the 8 principles-Routine. The more we practise pilates the more we feel the benefit. People tell me they’d like to practise at home but     1. they forget the moves 2. not sure they are doing it right and 3. not enough time. So we’ve been learningContinue reading “Routine-how to fit pilates into our busy lives”