Routine-how to fit pilates into our busy lives

This week we’re focusing on the last of the 8 principles-Routine. The more we practise pilates the more we feel the benefit. People tell me they’d like to practise at home but     1. they forgbusy_bee-399x411et the moves 2. not sure they are doing it right and 3. not enough time. So we’ve been learning a 10 minute balanced, low level ,work out,  which is available here to down load  10-minute-routine   Let’s see if we can work it into our busy daily lives and make it a routine like brushing our teeth. Good luck, I’m doing it too!


Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

2 thoughts on “Routine-how to fit pilates into our busy lives

  1. Hi Dawn
    Trying to be good and to this each day but can never remember warm ups or do I need to do them before hand. Love the website it is really great. Angela

  2. Hi Angela, glad you like the website. I’m having alot of fun updating it. Need some pics of my Forbury class though!
    The 10 minute routine should be a good warm up in itself at the basic level. You can add progressions if you want more of a challenge. We can go over it again in class if it would be useful. Glad you’re trying it! Dawn

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