Why counting calories and avoiding fat doesn’t serve women in midlife..

Hi If you’re a woman in midlife, and trying to manage weight gain using the old ways of counting calories and ditching fat, I had to share this brilliantly clear and concise interview with you, explaining why it often doesn’t serve us and can actually be detrimental to health. I hope you find it asContinue reading “Why counting calories and avoiding fat doesn’t serve women in midlife..”

George’s words….

“Since meeting Dawn and starting Pilates lessons on a private basis, I have improved, balance, posture and my body flexibility. Overall I am fitter and my problem areas of back, kneck and knees are just much  more flexible and with less pain.. Before Pilates. I struggled, because of a stiff neck,  to look far toContinue reading “George’s words….”

Is your Pelvic floor up to the job?

 Very interesting training day on Saturday on Pelvic floor muscle function and dysfunction . It’s a bigger problem than anyone talks about, affecting 5 million people in the UK, men and women! The impact on lives can be huge. It’s the second most common reason for someone to be taken into a care home.  GuessContinue reading “Is your Pelvic floor up to the job?”

Mobile Notice board does the rounds

 So many of my class members are involved in interesting projects and events that I thought it would be nice to share them…so this noticeboard will be coming with me to all 5 venues I teach at, between now and Christmas. It’s only its second week on tour but is already proving popular!