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With classes due to restart in a couple of weeks, I’ve been planning our new programme, including some changes to give you an even fuller body conditioning workout!

We’ll be adding some low impact, cardio vascular work into our warm up, to raise heart rate and increase blood flow. Plus, standing strength work using hand weights, to increase muscle mass and bone density in the upper body. (We have peak bone density in our 20s , so it’s use it or lose it!) I’ll be supplying the 1kg hand weights, which you get to keep and bring with you each week, so you can practice at home if the mood takes you.

Of course those familiar core pilates moves will be included and the session rounded off with cool down stretches and mindful breathing, to help relax our over taxed nervous systems!

Over the 6 week block we’ll be steadily progressing the intensity, so by week 6 you get to measure your progress and feel the difference.

The Leominster Community Centre is putting all the necessary measures in place to make it Covid safe and I’ve completed my risk assessment to do the same. I would usually teach up to 16 in the hall, but to allow us plenty of space, numbers will be limited to just 10. Firedoors will be opened to give plenty of ventilation and will probably be used as the exit if that provides a safer route out.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the mats with you..and yes, feeling a little anxious too if I’m honest after such a long gap in strange circumstances. So if the time feels right for you, let’s POWER UP together and get ourselves in the best shape ready for winter!



Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

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