Pilates Presentation

I gave my first presentation on Pilates today, to a lovely group of ladies from the ‘Inner Wheel’. It comprised of a slide show, showing the life of Joseph Pilates, the German inventor of pilates, born in 1883, through to modern day pictures of my classes, breaking in between for a short practical session in standing balance work.

The presentation was well received, I had some very positive feedback and the projector performed beautifully on its first outing!

If anyone is looking for a speaker for their club/group or event, I’d be happy to do it again!



Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

2 thoughts on “Pilates Presentation

  1. Well done Dawn.

    We’d love to have you at Old Radnor WI if we can find a mutually agreeable date.

    See you on Friday.


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