Nigel’s honest account of his changed perceptions of Pilates …

” I am  69 years of age and male. Many years ago I suffered permanent nerve damage to my legs and feet with restricted mobility and near total loss of sensation below the knee. As my options for exercise are limited, many keep fit and gym routines are out of the question. Pilates was something I had considered doing, but because I knew little about it, and viewed it as something only women did, I always held back.

When my wife started going to Dawn’s classes , I took more of an interest and asked a few questions, but it was another year  before I finally decided to see for myself. Two other men were there, which surprised me, and made me feel less self conscious. But I needn’t have worried because everyone is so friendly and more concerned with their own reasons for being there. I was also interested to discover that, with a bit of effort, I could cope with most of the routines.

I still had some doubt for a few weeks that Pilates was right for me but with firm and friendly guidance from Dawn, realised I was soon enjoying and looking forward to weekly sessions – one of the highlights of my week in fact!” Nigel

Thank you Nigel for honestly sharing your experience and for sticking with Pilates long enough to feel its benefits. Dawn


Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

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