First Back Health Workshop..


In this mornings back health workshop at Pembridge Village Hall, we combined theory with practical to learn :-

* How to assess whether the pelvis is likely to be rotated or tilted.

* Exercises to improve pelvic alignment and function based on intrinsic biomechanics techniques.

* Pilates based moves to improve spinal mobility.

Most of the 10 participants identified muscle imbalances around the pelvis and lower back. We then went through a sequence of correction exercises to improve pelvic alignment, followed by spinal mobility moves .

Everyone was given a file of the exercises , which should take about 20 minutes a day to do. I’m going to check in with participants  in 7 days time to get  valued feedback on any changes they’ve noticed.

If you’d like to be included in the next workshop, get in touch to book your place and take control of your own back health!


Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

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