The Step Up – why it’s mattered to my clients this week…

This movement can be a challenging one! Three of my clients this week have been working on ‘reclaiming’ their step up for very different reasons ( to mount a horse and start riding again, get into a Landover, train travel holidays). They are all ambitious, adventurous women in midlife who have big plans for the second half of life and don’t accept that not being able to manage a big step up, is an inevitable part of getting older! And it’s not!

The reason it’s challenging to most of us is ‘thanks’ to modern living we don’t often need to do it. Sitting in chairs instead of squatting like our ancestors, means we only ever rise from a 90° angle of hip flexion. The Step up requires more effort from the glutes and quads, and mostly from one leg. It’s one of those moves we never quite know when we might be called on to make and it can knock our confidence and cause embarrassment when we realise we can’t perform it .

The joy for me coaching one to one, is being able to make sessions very specific to each clients goals. By breaking down a challenging move such as the step up, into achievable exercises, we build up strength gradually over the weeks which ultimately leads towards achieving those goals and enjoying new experiences.

If life would be sweeter if you could master a certain move ( maybe it’s blocking you from doing something you’ve always dreamt of) why not arrange a personal training session and together we’ll make it happen!🦋


Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

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