Pilates for gardeners -week 3

old_man_gardening_0521-1103-1318-0653_SMUWe had another full class of keen gardeners in the drawing room of Hergest Croft this week, where we focused on freeing up our shoulders and necks. So many jobs in the  garden can cause neck and shoulder tension – such as overhead pruning,  picking fruit from trees,  strimming,  hedge trimming and starting up a reluctant petrol mower!   It was great to hear that people have been remembering the safe digging and lifting techniques we’ve been learning and are practising them in their own gardens. There’s been interest expressed in continuing the classes after this 6 week course, which I’ll keep you posted on.   Happy and safe gardening all!


Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

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