Dressed for the occasion!

Pilady_in_gardening_clothes_0515-1005-1601-3232_SMUlates for gardeners at Hergest Croft-3rd July.  After hearing a number of stories this week about people who have had accidents whilst gardening, the hot tip for our 4th session was, dress appropriately for the job!  How many of us garden in flip flops or slippers? I know I do! Of the 300,000 accidents each year requiring hospital treatment, most are due to falls in the garden so, check your footwear and stay safe.   Balance work was included in our work out today, just to make sure we stay on our feet, and we continued building on core stength work and spine flexibility. Classes will continue until the end of August. If anyone’s interested in joining please contact Jill Williams on 01544 230262 (you don’t have to be a gardener to join).


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Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

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