George’s words….

“Since meeting Dawn and starting Pilates lessons on a private basis, I have improved, balance, posture and my body flexibility.

Overall I am fitter and my problem areas of back, kneck and knees are just much  more flexible and with less pain..

Before Pilates. I struggled, because of a stiff neck,  to look far to the left or right, which was quite a problem at road junctions when driving – its no problem now. And to get up out of bed I needed to pull myself up on a radiator – again now  no problems.

Am pleased that Dawn treats me on a unique basis, treating my problem areas specifically and not in a general exercise regime, which is the problem with many standard online products. This also applies to training videos she produces on an individual person basis.

Unfortunately lessons had to stop during the Covid lockdowns, but I am delighted that we have now started  again.

So I can highly recommend Dawn and Pilates with her.”

George Spragg”

(shared with permission)


Published by Dawn Arkell

Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Coach.

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