Routine-how to fit pilates into our busy lives

This week we’re focusing on the last of the 8 principles-Routine. The more we practise pilates the more we feel the benefit. People tell me they’d like to practise at home but     1. they forget the moves 2. not sure they are doing it right and 3. not enough time. So we’ve been learningContinue reading “Routine-how to fit pilates into our busy lives”

May 19th

Thanks for all your feedback about this site. It’s a work in progress and I’m hoping it will be a useful means of keeping in touch. There have been requests for more photos along with options for downloading the handouts, which I’m working on. My thanks to Alan for volunteering to be photographer and takingContinue reading “May 19th”

May 8th. Exploring the 8 pilates principles

Last week we started focusing on the 8 pilates principles, beginning with CONCENTRATION. It’s not easy to switch off from our mental chatter and give our bodies our full attention.  Pilates is described as the “mindful” way of moving and unlike most other fitness classes , requires our brains to be engaged in our workouts.Continue reading “May 8th. Exploring the 8 pilates principles”