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It’s a balancing act!

  • A week of lots of standing balance work with all my classes. For those who realised they were wobblier than they thought!!…..this exercise sheet will be available next week if you want to practice at home.(thanks Pat for demo-ing).Well done folks. Have a balanced weekend ūüôāimg_20170120_171012

New Year strength challenge

The end of January marks the end of the New Year Strength challenge we’ve been practicing in classes. It’s been great to see people progressing the 6 moves over the last few weeks. Techniques in the plank and push ups definitely improved in every class! Well done folks.

magic ringComing soon..pilates with the Magic Circle.

New Year Challenge

We’ve been focusing on 6 strength moves in classes this week, ¬†which we’ll be practicing in each week for the rest of January to see how much we improve! ¬†The challenge, should you choose to accept it! is downloadable here¬†new-year-challenge¬† ¬† Join us for a more toned body and stronger core.knee-push-up-b-ex


Is your Pelvic floor up to the job?

certificate 001¬†Very interesting training day on Saturday on Pelvic floor muscle function and dysfunction . It’s a bigger problem than anyone talks about, affecting 5 million people in the UK, men and women! The impact on lives can be huge. It’s the second most common reason for someone to be taken into a care home. ¬†Guess what we’ll be doing lots more of in classes in January!¬†